Cheque Cashing Service


Cash Concepts Romford is of the original Cheque Cashing companies in the UK, we have more than 18 years experience in cashing cheques.

Our on the spot instant Cheque Cashing service gives a fast way for you to receive cash for your cheques within minutes and not wait 5 days for the bank clearance. Our rates start at 3% but are typically around 7% on cheques under £500.

We cash most cheques on the spot including:

  • Wages
  • DWP Benefits
  • Sub contractor work
  • A/C payee only cheques
  • HM Revenue and Customs rebates
  • Insurance claims
  • Refunds
  • Gas, electricity and utility rebates
  • Benefits – housing, council and government
  • Lottery and bingo prizes
  • HM Paymaster General
  • Grants
  • Pensions
  • Loans
  • Share dividends
  • Giros

What identification do you need?

You will need:

► One form of identification with your photo on

Curreny Pasport

UK Biometric Immiration Document

UK Firearm/Shotgun Licence

EU National ID card

► One form of identification with your address on (must be dated in the last 3 months unless stated otherwise)

Recent Utility Bill

Water bill (for current year)

TV Licence

Council Rent Book/Benifit Book

Council/Housing Association Aggrement

Bank/Building Society Statement

Credit Card Statement

Morrtgage Statement

Council Tax Bill (for current year)

► Any correspondence that accompanied the cheque

e.g. the letter that came with it!


Cheque Value: £100.00
Rate (%): 7.00%
Rate (charge): £7.00
Handling Fee: £2.00
Amount Paid: £91.00